The Streets of the Cities We Are Still Building

My first tag was in Bangkok (I write that as if I did more, but there was only one lame attempt). It was premeditated, illegal, and fun as hell.  It was lame because I couldn’t even come up with my own tag idea, I bought a book of pre fab stencil tags in the Hong Kong airport and […]

Of gods, saints, and poets

For 10 years I lived out of a bag.  It was a good bag, cordura Patagonia roller, that did me well, and it was the same size as a small NYC apt and held all the stuff I needed at that point in my life so I was happy.  I started on the road without […]

The Meeting Point of Las Tanusas

How lucky for us that the exact meeting point of sustainable living and culinary flair is in Ecuador, by the crashing Pacific, and right on the beach. It’s called Las Tanusas. The property itself is cozy, pretty and charming – a best friend’s house on a gorgeous deserted beach. Some rooms are in the main house […]

Hacienda Bambusa

It’s not everyday you come across a place so special, so serene that your first thought is to count down the days until you can come back again. A place that quickens the pulse with pleasure, but enables complete relaxation. Hacienda Bambusa is just such a magical little spot, surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. It’s one of my top […]


From the Maldives to Marrakech, there’s no shortage of amazing places to stay. But dwarfed by its brassy neighbours of Brazil and Argentina, the wee land of Uruguay doesn’t get, we don’t think, its proper look-in. So let us present the Vik properties to change all that. First the setting: not far from the jet-set town […]

Cool Colonia

A short hop from two major Latin cities lies the wee port town of Colonia del Sacramento. Just 2 hours from Montevideo (by car) and 1 hour from Buenos Aires (by ferry across the Rio de la Plata), it is easily accessible from these two compelling capitals. Colonia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and […]

Summer On Ice

Though not everyone will agree with me, there is an argument that those of you in North America are officially too hot. Clothing sticks to your back, getting around feels like a chore, and the air conditioner is both overworked and overpaid. Summer in the northern hemisphere means winter in the southern one, however—so if you’re […]

An Adventurous Red

Mendoza, Argentina: yes, we know, there’s a lot of wine there. The Aconcagua and Uco valleys are some of the most well known areas in the world for wine production. Wherever you turn you’ll see wineries… red, white, rose… it’s a sommelier’s paradise. But it’s also an active traveller’s paradise, if you look a little closer. Let’s […]

Discovering Underwater Honduras

Scuba diving is a strange and exotic sport. It offers the privilege of entering a different world, where everything seems to move in slow motion, and the only sound is your own breathing. While the most famous reefs for diving are found in Australia and Southeast Asia, true scuba enthusiasts know about the amazing Mesoamerican […]

Your Private Amazon

Brazil is so darn gigantic that there are many ways to access the confusingly vast Amazon region. Of the four or five main entry points to reach this marvel of mother nature, the most popular one is Manaus. From here you can visit the Amazonas Opera House and take a seaplane to one of the great land-based lodges, like the Anavilhanas. […]

Christmas In July

We’re going to go ahead and assume you’ve been hitting the ice cream a little harder than usual lately. It’s ok, we have too. It’s July; cottage season, beach season, AC-worship season. In light of all that, this next part may sound crazy, but bear with us: it’s time to start planning your Christmas vacation for next year, […]

A Travessia: an exclusive guided adventure on horseback in the mountains of Brazil

When our friends at Best Made asked us to help locate a rugged & timeless location to test their gear and shoot their next catalog, we stumbled upon an adventure we simply had to share. A newly developed trail, accessible only on horseback, connecting mountains to sea in a particularly blessed little corner of Brazil. Now Trufflepig […]

Hacienda Zuleta

How many people can say they’ve slept at a president’s house? Well, I have and so could you on your next trip to Ecuador. Located in the little highland village of Zuleta (famous for it’s embroidery), and nestled between rolling Andes mountains, sits Hacienda Zuleta, a beautiful working farm that is steeped in history. Dating […]

A Designer Jungle

Remote jungle lodge… check. Modern design hotel… check. It takes a certain craziness to mix these two things, and a certain genius to do it as well as they have here at El Otro Lado (meaning the “The Other Side”), a superbly curated space in the Portobelo National Park on Panama’s Caribbean Coastline. At just 90 minutes […]

Adventure Honeymoon in Costa Rica

We have noticed here at Pig HQ that honeymoons seem to becoming more adventurous. While there are still plenty who enjoy an idyll in the Maldives, increasingly we are hearing from those seeking a heavy dose of thrill in with the honey. One such place that delivers this in spades is the wee Central American […]

A Hungry Hacienda in Honduras

I’m a city girl – or at least I thought I was until I visited the Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras, hidden away in the hills with not a square centimetre of asphalt to be found, and offering a culinary experience that’s not quickly forgotten. The ‘Getting There’ tab of the Hacienda San Lucas website […]