The Trembling Highlands of Brazil

Ibitipoca. Tough to pronounce; hard to get to; but well worth the effort. Here goes: Ibitipoca is pronounced “ee-bitch-ee-pokah” (sounds like a palavrão I know). But it actually comes from the indigenous Tupi-guarani language in which “ybytyra” = mountain, and “pok” = burst, a combination of words the natives used to describe the intense roaring […]

Arty Inhotim

Imagine taking the MOMA or the Tate Modern and hacking it to pieces with a giant axe, and then scattering the arty fragments in a huge, tropical, botanic garden in Brazil. Now you have some idea of what is in store for you at Inhotim. In a remote yet vast garden, in the state of […]

A Perfect Pair

Brazil’s not known as a country to cover its charms. And yet, the little towns of Paraty and Tiradentes are largely hidden from the traveller’s initial glance. One is tucked in the mountains of the interior, the other snuggles the coast (about halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo). Geographically they’re 430 km apart, […]