In the Name of Nebbiolo

Remember dinner parties? The ever-gracious host. The ebullient storyteller who commandeers the conversation. The witty chap in a blazer – a date on his arm and a quip on his lips. The elegant lady in a well-tailored dress which flatters but doesn’t reveal. Her kid sister with a contagious laugh and plummeting neckline. Sigh. It’s […]

Get Your Fix in Alba

When the calendar ticks over from September to October, you’ll find me salivating at the gates of the the International White Truffle Fair in Alba, Piemonte. As if being home to the greatest Italian red wine of all, Barolo (I’ll brook no arguments), were not enough, Alba also just happens to be the epicenter of […]

On My Plate: Italy

Sometimes the simplest ingredients can pack the biggest punch of flavour. We bet your breakfast was not this tasty. Where: Piemonte, Northern Italy What: Fried egg topped with white truffle shavings. It’s pretty hard to screw up an egg. But to make one of those devils truly sing is no small thing. Crowned with razor thin curls […]

The Slow Food Fast Track

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we dine: Slow Travel is alive and kicking in Piemonte. Not everyone knows that the Slow Food movement was born in the small Piemontese town of Bra, back in 1986. It was founded by Italian food journalist Carlo Petrini in protest against the opening of the first McDonald’s in Italy […]

Every Truffledog Has Its Day

Last week I died a truffle-hunting death and went to gastronomic heaven: the annual white truffle fair in Alba. There is no better introduction to the often-overlooked region of Piemonte than Alba’s truffle fair. The local tartufo bianco is Italy’s ultimate gastronomic prize: an elusive seasonal delicacy shrouded in gourmet mystique. Very expensive and unspeakably delicious. For […]