From poutine to the plains, Montreal to the mountains, The Pacific to The Atlantic and everything in between, Canada is our home and Trufflepig’s native land.

In A Nutshell

Canada is a massive and amazingly diverse place so summing it up in a few sentences is nigh on impossible. Happily though, it’s a pretty accessible place to travel and for most, Canada will feel familiar, and immediately comfortable. This sense of the familiar will give you the confidence you need to really dig beneath the surface. It helps that the stories are true, we really are very nice.

Digging is where we shine and our stock and trade is the less obvious. If you want a weekend in Montreal or a week skiing in Whistler, you probably don’t need us.  That said, want to plan a road trip through the Yukon? We’ve got you covered. Keen to experience a genuine east coast kitchen party? We’ve got the number for a genuine Acadian. Always wanted to fish for salmon in a mountain stream while a grizzly bear fishes nearby? We know the woman with the helicopter to get you there. Needing some time in the woods away from the world? We know the right kind of paddle for the trip.

Parts of Canada are well developed and modern but at the same time, it boasts some of the largest swathes of untouched wilderness left on earth. It’s this contrast that makes Canada unique. In places like Toronto and Vancouver you’ll find thriving, sophisticated urban centres but just a few hundred kilometers north there is wilderness on the grandest of scales.

Need to Know

  • There are direct (or nearly direct) flights from every continent earth to Canada and you can even cross by car from the US. In short, Canada is very easy to get to.
  • The main cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver ) are modern, vibrant and overflowing with things to see and do and incredible restaurants 
  • Canada is vast so an ideal length of stay is hard to pin down. It works from everything for a quick escape for a week in the maritimes to a multi week road trip across the country. It would be hard to cover everything in one trip and we’d suggest several trips to try and see it all.
  • Canada is a playground for families because there’s so much to see and do.
  • Getting around is easy. There is a well developed internal flight network and road and rail infrastructure is fantastic.
  • While technically a bilingual country (English and French are the national tongues), everywhere except Quebec English is the main language spoken. In Quebec, you’ll get further with French.
  • The main religion is Hockey.
  • No visas are necessary for Europeans or Americans

When To Go

Canada has compelling reasons to visit year round. Whether it’s heliskiing in British Columbia in February or plying the waterways of the Ontario interior by canoe in mid August. Backcountry wilderness adventure is best in Canada’s summer, as many lodges close in the winter.


There is an almost infinite array of places to stay, ranging from top end boutique city hotels in Toronto and Vancouver (The Hazelton & The Loden), to back-country lodges in the wilds of BC (Nimmo Bay) to one off destination hotels like Fogo Island Inn. If you need the best of the best or are content sleeping under the stars, Canada has you covered.


  • Spend some time wandering the streets of Quebec City
  • Have a kitchen party with some locals in Newfoundland. 
  • Fish a mountain stream in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest
  • Look for Polar bears on Hudson’s Bay
  • Take a road trip around Vancouver Island.
  • Heli hike and ski in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Learn mountaineering in Alberta.
  • See the northern lights in Nunavut
  • Paddle remote rivers only accessible by float plane. 
  • Visit the Canadian Arctic.
  • Eat and drink your way around Toronto and Montreal.

Canada On The Sounder

Price Guideline

Accommodation options vary widely in Canada, from city hotels to remote wilderness lodges in British Columbia and pricing can range from a few hundred dollars per person, per day to thousands especially for remote wilderness areas.  A good general range for the sorts of trips we plan is between $400 to $2000 per person, per day. Remember also that sales tax is applicable and is in addition to the cost and varies by province from 5% to 13%.