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This majestic flag brought to you by the many hands of Trufflepig
Photography: Charlie Scott

British Invasion

Both the staff and the decor on the Trufflepig Farm are a mashup of cultures and backgrounds. We sometimes feel like we can pick and choose where we really come from. Today we’re feeling quite British.

We’re a bit of a melting pot (or a salad bowl if you want to get technical with the metaphors); part of that comes with the territory in in the multicultural city of Toronto, and part of it is our own brand of travel-obsessed Trufflepig quirk.

We have a Swiss citizen, a South African descendant, and an Australian passport holder on our staff. A Bhutanese prayer wheel, carved Moroccan tent peg, and Indian chair swing decorate our eclectic loft office. And as of last week, so does this massive wool Union Jack from the 1950s. Just in time for the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this latest antique show conquest of Charlie’s has us thinking about our Commonwealth connection.

Jack, our France planning expert, grew up in Oxford. South American guru Anton is British too; he still lives there and is thus enjoying a luxurious four day weekend in his pyjamas and/or the pub. Her Royal Highness still reigns over all of our currency, and lord save you if you try to spell colour, neighbour or honour without a ‘u’ on this blog.

So although we’re not in London to hear Sirs Elton, Paul, and Tom belt it out for the Queen tonight, we’re raising the flag in Toronto this afternoon to join the party. God save the queen.

With Canadian, British and Australian heritage, the Commonwealth is in Amy Smithers’ blood. As such, she is currently petitioning Trufflepig HR for a statutory holiday tomorrow.

Lord save you if you try to spell colour, neighbour or honour without a 'u' on this blog.