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How We Think

To Trufflepig is to look. To dig. To unearth and to find. To delight in the unusual and the unique, the pungent and the peculiar. The pig is curiosity embodied and we’re happiest when we’re following our nose.

We do our own research. We take our own pictures. We form our own opinions and we plan our own trips. Ours is an unprincipled approach to travel: the perfectly classic or the perfectly quirky. Trufflepig seeks worth, not price, and finds value in individuality, character, and care.

Our trips are deliberate concoctions of varied ingredients. The places we take you can be deliciously simple or ruinously expensive. An open-cockpit flight over the delta, or a bang-on bowl of lentils in the market; when to follow the crowd and when to go your own way; when to stay in the latest hot-spot and when  it’s just not worth it. Sometimes the crowd is where it’s at – but sometimes they’re not even in the room.

We’ve never ‘done’ a place and we don’t have buckets lists. This is our vocabulary: the real, the vernacular, the authentic and true; the imaginative, the confident, the humble and the hidden; the clean, the simple, the strong and surprising. The world is a big and varied place, and we say: ‘vive la différence’.

Travel has taught us language and humility, open-mindedness and respect. Not to mention giving us a whole lot of fun. But every trip leaves a trace, and we are responsible for our impact. As we follow our nose on our way through the woods, so we also think about the hoofprint we leave behind.