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Equation of Time

Kathmandu! Say it out loud. Feel it roll and fall out of one’s mouth like a pebble down some glacial river. The sounds of named things in Nepal; Dwarika’s, Phaplu, Lo Manthang. I can’t stop saying these words, whispering them to myself in a jet lagged state, over and over like a madman tourist.  I […]

Mustang (slight return)

In a few very bumpy turns in the road up from Pokhara, languages and religions shift, landscapes morph, weather patterns evolve, and then you are in a wee corner of the geopolitical map of Nepal called Mustang, but you have entered a larger cultural region that stretches across Tibet and Xinjiang all the way to […]

The Paella Question

It is no secret that we take food seriously in Spain, so let’s address the Paella question. Maybe you think of paella simply as a rice dish. It is so much more than that, and is on its way to being recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (or at least we hope so). Furthermore, for […]

Trufflepig and 1% for the Planet

We’re excited to formalise the pledge made in our Hoofprint Project, by officially joining the 1% to the Planet community. This remarkable organisation brings together thousands of businesses worldwide who commit to donating 1% of sales to environmental causes. It’s great for us because we can rely on their established expertise in identifying and certifying […]

A Dão For All Seasons, a Dão For All Reasons

I’m driving on secondary country lanes, having just taken an exit north of Coimbra, on Portugal’s A1 tollway that joins the capital to coastal Porto, some three hours’ journey. As often happens when driving through this country, take just about any random turn, and modern efficient roads are quickly replaced by rolling hills with endless […]

Kenya in Pictures

Most people know Kenya for the Masai Mara and the famed river crossings of the Great Migration. Yet to me, that’s almost the least exciting part. I find Kenya to be utterly compelling in far  broader ways. It’s a place that remains in my imagination, a frontier, a place where an older type of less […]

Alfredo Who?

In the gastronomic pantheon, hundreds of foods take their names from famous figures, spanning the whole alphabet from Eggs Benedict to Caesar Salad, Beef Wellington to Peach Melba. In Italy the most popular dish in such a category has to be the pizza Margherita, which, according to the legend, was created by Raffaele Esposito Brandi […]

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain

In November 2024 Germany officially celebrates 35 years since reunification; it’s not been an easy road and continues to unite and divide. The country has come a long way, but to a degree East & West still exist in people’s minds, is reflected in salaries, political orientation and the like. Time to take a brief […]

La Grande Boucle

Early afternoon , Bastille Day, 1989. I have been standing on the roundabout next to my house for nearly 3 hours. The moment I have been waiting for weeks is finally arriving. Le Tour de France, also known as La Grande Boucle, is passing my hometown, and on its way to Marseille, the finish of […]

Sharing the water

Sifnos is the island next-door for me. Serifos is “my” island – I started going there a good 25 years ago, and from the moment I set foot on it, I knew I’d be back and start spending my summers there. I still do. It’s mountainous, wild and unpolished; beaches are virgin, and the occasional […]

the end of Tibet

We had finished dinner and the rain was setting in when I decided to put on my biking kit and head up the mountain pass.  The valley I was in, the Phobjikha Valley, at 10,000 feet, is a sanctuary for the Black neck crane, a medium-sized crane in Asia that breeds on the Tibetan Plateau […]

Join the club! Trufflepig is hiring

**Applications are now closed for these positions** Truffleping. Trouble Pig. Truffe-le-Pig. Tremblebig. Just a (very very) small selection of the spelling mistakes we’ve received on envelopes over the years from around the world, and always a delightful reminder that the devil is in the details. Also, perhaps, that we should have chosen a less silly […]

Where the Sirens Sing

There is a cluster of islands, right off the coast of Naples, that look like pebbles scattered in the sea by the hand of a giant. Some are big, some tiny, some just deserted rocks: Capri, Ischia, Procida, Li Galli (also called Le Sirenuse), Vivara, and many more… As myth has it, this is the […]

Meet… Joe Scallop

After a steaming plate of fresh mussels has been set on the table to replace the mound of sautéed pimientos de Padrón (Padrón sweet green peppers) that we’ve just worked our way through, I reflect on how unanticipated moments like these make great travel. In front of me at the table is 2 Michelin-starred Galician […]