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Kenya in Pictures

Most people know Kenya for the Masai Mara and the famed river crossings of the Great Migration. Yet to me, that’s almost the least exciting part.

I find Kenya to be utterly compelling in far  broader ways. It’s a place that remains in my imagination, a frontier, a place where an older type of less controlled, less constrained adventure continues to hold out against the forces of regulation and homogeneity. Where character and quirk can still be found in spades. And where you can still find true cowboys ready to realize whatever hare-brained scheme you have in mind with a twinkle in their eye and can-do attitude.

The diversity of Kenya is truly astonishing, and it’s found in everything from the wildlife, to the people to the landscapes. Here I’m sharing a few of my photos from my latest trip to the country, and while they’re all quite different, what’s true about all of them is that they don’t do the place justice.

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