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What We Do

Trufflepig is a trip planning company. Not quite a travel agency nor exactly a tour operator, but very much our own kind of beast. We plan and run customised trips—orchestrating everything from the big picture (structure, style, pacing), the building blocks (accommodation, activities, logistics) and the tiny details (restaurant reservations, special activities, you-name-it). We are connector, consultant, editor, and arranger. And a right little animal.

Trufflepig trips are built from a basket of ingredients (people, places and things) that we’ve gathered by doing our own research and really getting to know where we go. Our job is to marry our expertise with your request, making sure you end up with a trip that fits. We start with a blank slate and a conversation. We hear you out and give you ideas. Your trip comes into focus, moving from broad sketch to detailed picture. Fine-tuning is not only allowed it’s encouraged.

Shortly before your trip we send you your Trip Piglet, which is the booklet containing all the details you’ll need, from the exact meeting point for your local guide in the bazaar (and his middle name) to our suggestions for biodynamic wineries in the Macon (and where to get a sandwich nearby). And then of course we check in while you’re travelling and adjust things as required or requested. For us, a successful trip is one where you come home and ask us where to go next.