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Islas Secas: A Panamanian Dream

I’ve just returned from an archipelago off the coast of Panama where a massive, privately-funded conservation endeavour is now being shared with the outside world via a top-tier hospitality project. And I can’t say enough good things about it. Genuine hospitality can be the perfect vehicle for the expression and transmission of culture. However, resort […]

Canoes, Kayaks and Snowshoes – It’s the Getting There

Next week I embark on my annual canoe trip with a group of close friends. We typically stick close to Algonquin Park, as our cottage is located there, making it an easy jumping-off point. Plus the joy of a post-trip ice cold beer in the sun on the dock is hard to pass up. Ontario has […]

Hacienda AltaGracia

Costa Rica is of course well known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforest, exotic wildlife and towering volcanoes. But what if there was another side to Costa Rica, equally as exciting yet less discovered, an area from which to explore the country’s lesser known rural farm life? Just such a place exists, in the unexplored rolling hills […]

Of gods, saints, and poets

For 10 years I lived out of a bag.  It was a good bag, cordura Patagonia roller, that did me well, and it was the same size as a small NYC apt and held all the stuff I needed at that point in my life so I was happy.  I started on the road without […]

Discovering Underwater Honduras

Scuba diving is a strange and exotic sport. It offers the privilege of entering a different world, where everything seems to move in slow motion, and the only sound is your own breathing. While the most famous reefs for diving are found in Australia and Southeast Asia, true scuba enthusiasts know about the amazing Mesoamerican […]

A Designer Jungle

Remote jungle lodge… check. Modern design hotel… check. It takes a certain craziness to mix these two things, and a certain genius to do it as well as they have here at El Otro Lado (meaning the “The Other Side”), a superbly curated space in the Portobelo National Park on Panama’s Caribbean Coastline. At just 90 minutes […]

Adventure Honeymoon in Costa Rica

We have noticed here at Pig HQ that honeymoons seem to becoming more adventurous. While there are still plenty who enjoy an idyll in the Maldives, increasingly we are hearing from those seeking a heavy dose of thrill in with the honey. One such place that delivers this in spades is the wee Central American […]

A Hungry Hacienda in Honduras

I’m a city girl – or at least I thought I was until I visited the Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras, hidden away in the hills with not a square centimetre of asphalt to be found, and offering a culinary experience that’s not quickly forgotten. The ‘Getting There’ tab of the Hacienda San Lucas website […]

Panamanian Paradise

We’re all about island paradises here at Trufflepig; there is nothing more satisfying than leaving all the work and world behind and retreating to a remote, azure-water-surrounded island. You can feel the city’s slickness slipping away from you. You can feel those hunched shoulders drifting down and your breath becoming slower as you take in […]

Family Friendly

Many people ask which spots would make for a good family holiday in Latin America. The truth is, the Latins love children; the answer could be anywhere. But of course some countries are more geared up for keeping little ones entertained than others. Here’s our rundown of travel plans to keep the whole family entertained—big […]

Marvellous Mukul

Nicaragua deserves a break, like rum deserves an ice cube. Which is to say, a lot. I like rum. I have always liked rum, and I like it even more now that it has brought us Mukul Resort. Mukul is the new, super luxe development on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, built by the Flor […]

Trip Tease

Brazil seems to be hogging the limelight lately, with the FIFA World Cup this summer and the Olympics in 2016. While we love it as a destination, there is plenty more in this area of the world to be excited about. Our Latin American enthusiasts here at Trufflepig feel we shouldn’t neglect the rest of […]

Where the Ewoks Live

When trying to describe what Tikal is like, it is always easiest to mention that it’s the area where the Ewoks live in “Return of the Jedi”.  This ancient place in the deepest jungles of northern Guatemala is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, but this seems less illustrious than its setting in the Star Wars films. […]

A Private Island

Most people have dreamed of a private island at one time or another. A paradise surrounded by calm clear blues and your own personal villa. A space to relax, contemplate and sunbathe. A place for sun and sand, and a wee pop in to the sea. A place where the mind calms like the water […]

Antigua Accommodates

Hotels, hotels, hotels. We know a lot of you out there are accommodation addicts, envying the large part of every planner’s job that involves checking out all the options for a home away from home. We do get to see some amazing places, but the majority of hotels err on the side of anonymous, big-brand […]

My New Favourite Airline

Working in the travel business means I do a fair amount of flying, an activity I neither love nor loathe. The palaver and process that goes with it sometime vexes (like almost stripping for searches and unpacking laptops and undoing belts and being interrogated by surly, power-crazed immigration officers), sometimes fatigues. You do get to […]