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Adventure Honeymoon in Costa Rica

We have noticed here at Pig HQ that honeymoons seem to becoming more adventurous. While there are still plenty who enjoy an idyll in the Maldives, increasingly we are hearing from those seeking a heavy dose of thrill in with the honey. One such place that delivers this in spades is the wee Central American country of Costa Rica.

On a recent trip to this verdant land, I visited a region that can only be reached by white-water raft. No roads, just riverways to access this remote jungle lodge. This appeals on many levels, and it kinda means you have to earn your stay there by proving your mettle on the turbulent streams flowing through the heart of the country.

The lodge in question is called the Pacuare Lodge, and they have recently added a stunning new suite to their collection, the epic Jaguar Villa. Perched on the banks of the Pacuare River, with a privileged view of the pristine waterway and its surrounding tropical foliage, the Jaguar Villa is their most luxurious suite. It was designed to give guests the experience of being in a tropical rain forest without sacrificing comfort. A simple yet elegant ambiance combines tasteful details such as hardwood floors and teak furniture, with ample open areas for admiring the surrounding nature, including a terrace complete with a spring-fed pool, outdoor showers and of course, a hammock.

While staying at the lodge, you can do a canopy tour in the jungle above the river and see your room from an aerial perspective. The last platform of this canopy tour also doubles as “The Nest”, a place where you can have a private romantic meal in the treetops, a unique and highly recommended experience, perfect for a memorable honeymoon.

Anton Lynch has planned more honeymoons than Elizabeth Taylor, but unlike her never the same one twice. You can benefit from his mettle and experience by emailing him directly here.

No roads, just riverways to reach this remote jungle lodge.

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