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A Private Island

Most people have dreamed of a private island at one time or another. A paradise surrounded by calm clear blues and your own personal villa. A space to relax, contemplate and sunbathe. A place for sun and sand, and a wee pop in to the sea. A place where the mind calms like the water around it and fresh seafood abounds… Appetite suitably whetted?

Then take a look at Cayo Espanto. A luxurious private island just an eight minute boat ride from Ambergris Caye on the Caribbean coast of Belize. Some remote idylls can often take ages to reach; the beauty of Cayo Espanto is that it’s just a short hop from the main island, but far enough removed to feel reclusive. It can also be reached directly by helicopter from Belize City.

The island consists of seven beautiful villas (four one-bedrooms, two two-bedrooms, and one over-water villa) dotted around the private four-acre island, all carefully landscaped so you’ll never see another villa whilst inhabiting your own. On arrival at the main pier you will be greeted by the hospitality team with a cooling beverage and wet towel, and then escorted to your home-away-from-home.

If you want to take a break from relaxing on your patio or lounging in your hammock, you can choose to explore the world’s second-largest barrier reef system, where the diving and snorkelling is exceptional. You can also go bonefishing, or partake in water sports off the beach, like windsurfing or catamaran sailing. Cayo Espanto also offers birdwatching tours, private cruises, picnic excursions, spa services or exotic jungle tours. All you have to do is choose—which can be tricky after a lunchtime cocktail. We’re sure you’ll figure it out, though. This is your dream, after all.

Anton spent some time “researching” Cayo Espanto, much to the jealousy of everyone else at the office. He can be found daydreaming about turquoise waters in London, and would be happy to help you discover your own island paradise.


Some remote idylls can often take ages to reach; the beauty of Cayo Espanto is that it's just a short hop from the main island.

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