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Corfu highschool reunion. Photo: Jack Dancy

Join the club! Trufflepig is hiring

**Applications are now closed for these positions**

Truffleping. Trouble Pig. Truffe-le-Pig. Tremblebig. Just a (very very) small selection of the spelling mistakes we’ve received on envelopes over the years from around the world, and always a delightful reminder that the devil is in the details. Also, perhaps, that we should have chosen a less silly name.

But we knew one of those things at the outset. And that’s why we’ve always hired the smartest people we can find, even in the entry level positions at Trufflepig (correct spelling). Because while trip design and world travel is all very fun, it’s less enjoyable when your plane lands in the wrong London, or a spelling mistake lands you in a Guatemalan holding pen (mistakes I own entirely).

So if you’re sharp as a mouthful of mustard and always wondered about working in travel, today’s the day. Don’t sit there staring. We have seats to spare. Applications are open for 5 coordinator positions, working out of our Toronto office, deep in the engine room of our award-winning Trip Planning machine, and helping keep the shapeshifting show that is Trufflepig on the road.

See the page on Work At Trufflepig for details of our employment practises, and here for the unlikely backstories of our current team. You might also want to read about our Hoofprint Project, or look under the hood for a sense of how we operate.

But hurry. Applications will close 23rd February. Sharpen your pencil, tell your friends, and then check out:



Applications are open for 5 coordinator positions