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Santo Domingo Surprise

I had my preconceived expectations about the Dominican Republic before setting off. I’d heard it was a place where privileged American college kids go to party at all-inclusive resorts and that there were huge hotel complexes where folk never left the grounds. So I was somewhat trepidatious about what was in store. Conversely: I had […]

The Syncopated Pulse of a Rumba

Castro and the revolution reached Havana on 9 January 1959.  Two years later to the month, while reducing the US embassy and stoking the early embers of the Bay of Pigs, he and Ernesto “Che” Guevara went golfing at the Havana Country Club Park, a sprawling chunk of the city, rolling hills, manicured greens.  It […]

GoldenEye: Pirate Radio Chic

I’ve always wanted to visit Jamaica, but was weary of its reputation. It’s as if tourism here developed a model where both sides—tourists and locals—put their worst foot forward. For too long I avoided it like the plague, but in GoldenEye, and the Island Outpost story, I found the Jamaica I’ve always longed to meet. […]

A Sandy Love Story

Love is in the air. Mostly because we’re trying desperately to ward off the snowy chill of February, but also because of that heart-shaped holiday awaiting us at the end of the week. Whether you think it’s a perfect time for romance or a total Hallmark sham, you can’t lose if you simply look at […]

Next Stop, Jumby Bay

Bragging rights and all-inclusive holidays don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Safari camps in Africa do it. Dream properties in the Seychelles do it. Why then must the Caribbean all-inclusives shame us with cafeteria cuisine, steel drum cacophonies, and drunken pink pot-bellied wanks cannonballing into the pool? One hotel, Jumby Bay in Antigua, has blissfully broken that mould. […]

Pool Party: Turks & Caicos

Beach shack chic is hard to come by in the Caribbean, and while shiny infinity pools and jaw-dropping architecture have their place, there is no better antidote to city life than the effortless pairing of sand, sky, and weathered wood. Where: Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos Why: Here at Parrot Cay, sunsets are best enjoyed […]


If Trufflepig had a people’s choice award, it’s quite possible Amanyara would win it. After countless requests and rave reviews from our travellers, we simply had to see it for ourselves. In a Caribbean world of wicker, floral patterns and gingerbread trim, Amanyara is as alien as they come. It’s no wonder they picked a […]

Parrot Cay

A private island is the ultimate canvas upon which to express oneself, as a visit to Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands will attest. Consider the joy of a new room or a new house. As a designer, you get to start from scratch, create your idealized vision—it’s pure projection. Children, you might […]