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Discovering Underwater Honduras

Scuba diving is a strange and exotic sport. It offers the privilege of entering a different world, where everything seems to move in slow motion, and the only sound is your own breathing. While the most famous reefs for diving are found in Australia and Southeast Asia, true scuba enthusiasts know about the amazing Mesoamerican […]

A Hungry Hacienda in Honduras

I’m a city girl – or at least I thought I was until I visited the Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras, hidden away in the hills with not a square centimetre of asphalt to be found, and offering a culinary experience that’s not quickly forgotten. The ‘Getting There’ tab of the Hacienda San Lucas website […]

Discovering Honduras

Honduras has had bad press of late for the gang violence in its inner cities. Yes, that is a reality in the country, but on a recent visit I found that Honduras is really made up of incredible ruins, amazing natural wonders, friendly folk and a stunning set of Caribbean islands. I had the pleasure […]