Trufflepig Recipes: Congee

I have a list of three things which, perhaps due to a repressive part of my psyche or some masochistic Protestant lean, I have denied myself until I felt I could no longer continue without them; reading the entire Faulkner cannon, going on a surf/bike road trip through California, and learning how to make my […]

Globe Trotters

We’ve been out on the road this year…. a lot. At half-time on 2019, our trotters are worn smooth, and it’s time to take stock. The pictures above flooded my inbox when I naively wrote to our planning team to ask for a few shots from recent research trips. I was struck by the awesome […]

Wake Up Your Windows

I have always been attracted to the worn, to patina, to rusty and to rotten things. Whether it be architecture (Havana, Yangon), fashion (a good pair of old jeans, or old leather boots), or even food (dry-aged steaks, pickle, fermentation – which when you boil it down is rot, tasty, tasty rot…). And as a […]

Lovely Laos

It’s been a while since we’ve managed to make our way back to Laos.  It’s always a treat to be able to return to Luang Prabang, a true favourite of mine, but this time we were able to explore a bit further.  Laos has long been known as an “add-on” destination to trips in Vietnam, […]

A Foodie’s Feast

As with most of my trips, food always seems to be a focus. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I love returning to Indochina over and over. Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are renowned for their food, and as always, partaking in the various delicious options is a definite highlight.  Here are […]

A Dozen to Dream About

Every November, for the past years, we’ve attended a remarkable travel show in Marrakech—PURE Life Experiences. It’s where we go to take the pulse of the travel industry (oh no, did I just use that word?), meet with some of the hotels and people we work with, and sniff around for new and noteworthy places. […]

Inn The Know

Hotels in Asia are synonymous with fantastic service, beautiful gardens, orchids everywhere and delicious food. And most of the time that is exactly what you get. The variety (and quality) of hotels in Indochina is mind-numbing. Some are much better than others, and we are constantly working to ensure that we make the right choices for […]

Teak Talk

Whether you fancy yourself a building buff or not, architecture in Indochina will definitely impress. Ancient temples, traditional teak houses, brutalist Communist structures, elegant colonial mansions and mid-century masterpieces all make an appearance. It sounds strange, but it all seems to work, and the results keep each and every location unique and worth visiting. Of […]

Oodles of Noodles

There is a recurring theme for every Indochina trip we plan: food. Produce is literally farm to table, whether you’re eating at a roadside stall or the best digs in town. A typical day can consist of mind-blowing noodles on a tiny roadside plastic stool, and then hours later find yourself dining in a beautifully […]

‘Nam with the Fam

When you think about Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, most think about temples, food, monks, more food and the hustle and bustle that the region is famous for. Long a favourite of honeymooners, retired couples and backpackers (I’m guilty of this one myself), it attracts a really diverse crowd. What some don’t realize however is that […]


It would seem that Vietnam just got a little more comfortable. We were delighted to hear that Aman Resorts have just announced the opening of their newest property, and first in Vietnam, Amanơi. Opened at the beginning of September, it completes a triangle for those wanting to experience Indochina from the comfort of an Aman […]

Indochina by Numbers

A great trip is the sum of its parts. But picking the best parts and then figuring out how to piece them together, well, that can be a challenge. Perhaps more than anywhere I can think of, planning a silky smooth trip to Indochina usually boils down to a mathematical equation (not to be confused with a […]

Gross Gastronomy

Indochina is a gastronome’s delight. From lovingly prepared pho (the cure for all ills, in my opinion) in Vietnam to creamy amok fish curry and stir fried morning glory flowers (a personal favourite) in Cambodia, you’re bound to have many delicious dishes calling you back for more. There is, however, a flip side to this culinary coin—a number of […]

Monks and Markets

The last thing most people want to do on vacation is get up at the crack of dawn. I’m not one of those people, but I’m also just plain strange. Getting up at dark-thirty in Luang Prabang is actually worth it, not only do you get to see the city come alive, but you also […]

Pool Party: Luang Prabang

I may be alone on this, but have you ever stood on a balcony overlooking a pool and wondered if you could jump far enough that you’d land in the water? You know, the sort of thing James Bond might do. Where: La Residence Phou Vao, Luang Prabang, Laos Why: Truthfully, you’d never make it. […]