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Lima’s Culinary Delights

Peru seems to be dominating the foodie scene of late; in places as far flung as London, New York and Santiago, Peruvian restaurants are popping up and bringing a zesty Latin twist to dinner proceedings. The many flavours and limitless types of ceviche can be rather daunting, so we suggest going straight to the source. Head to Lima, the current gastronomic heart of Latin America, to taste these amazing dishes in their native land. The city provides a heady mix of ethnic and exotic food in a restaurant scene spanning the traditional and contemporary. There seems to be a whole new wave of chefs dedicated to exploring and enhancing the local and taking advantage of myriad techniques and ecosystems with strange endemic ingredients. Here are a few of our top picks: 


Book well in advance for this one. If you are looking for passionate, creative flavours and delectable Peruvian food where every single detail is just fabulous, Central is the place. Chef Virgilio makes each dish feel like an experience, using all of your senses. Each course is made of chosen indigenous vegetables, grains, and seafood, making eating an adventurous journey.


Once again, we hope you’ve reserved that table far ahead… this is not a place to just drop by. Rafael is an upper-tier establishment with a charming atmosphere. Its menu is original but traditional, so you’ll find some very creative and amazingly tasty options, including seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. Every plate is beautifully prepared and even better than the one that came before it.

Astrid y Gaston 

This is the master restaurant of Gastón Acurio, one of Peru’s best known chefs, and creator of an empire of amazing restaurants in both North and South America. Behind a beautiful, hidden colonial façade house, the stylish dine on delicious criollo cuisine. Don’t miss the spicy roasted ribs, one of the house specialties, or just try the ceviche, which is simply stunning.


A classic on the Lima restaurant scene for a long time, Gloria still tops the town’s favourite lists. You will not be disappointed by this sophisticated and exclusive jewel in the middle of scenic Miraflores. Everything about the menu is great, but the scallops are to die for. We also love the chonta (heart of palm) and smoked trout… fresh and bursting with fabulous unnameable flavours.


This is a one-of-a-kind place is for the more adventurous among you, beginning with its impressive decor and right up to its incredible cuisine. The menu features a lot of local ingredients, with specifically Amazonian products and flavours. At the helm is the same chef of Malabar (another great find), Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who makes sure you can have a great Amazonian experience in Lima. Go for the chonta salad or yucca empanada, and if you like fish, try the paiche (river fish).

Carola is one of our Latin America gurus who can help you find the finest ceviche in the land. Just ask and you shall receive.

The many flavours and limitless types of ceviche can be rather daunting, so we suggest going straight to the source.

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