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The Biggest Pigs of All

The United Nations gets a lot of flack these days. While we don’t care to express any political views, we would like to shake the mighty UNESCO arm of this global goliath.

Way back in 1945 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was founded with the immodest goal of “building peace in the minds of men”. They still have some work to do on that front, but have certainly emerged as the all-time greatest culture vultures. Their World Heritage List is the ultimate who’s who (or what’s what) of primo cultural and natural heritage sites around the world. The List, which includes a total of 878 sites (679 cultural, 174 natural, and 25 mixed) of “outstanding universal value” around the world, is regularly updated and revised. It includes specific monuments, whole towns and even entire regions. For sure, they haven’t covered every meritorious site, but every place they do mention is spot on. Basically, if it’s on the World Heritage List you can be sure it’s brilliant. These guys invented Trufflepigging. Next time you’re planning a trip, check out their website for site locations, descriptions and photos. Follow their nose and you simply cannot go wrong.

The ultimate who's who (or what's what) of primo cultural and natural heritage sites.