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WPIG Quarantine Editions

I love the cheese, I love pop… good pop music. There is a sea change happening right now.  One of those high tide marks that we look back on decades from now to measure things from and it is disorientating. Emotions are magnified in both excess and ecstasy which is perhaps why pop music feels so strong both in High School and in my living room right now. I want to celebrate the cheese, raise up the joy and love and hope of humanity through music. I believe a solid bass line and a snare drum can carry the weight of the world right off my shoulders and hold them above me for at least the two and a half minutes punk rock songs last.  I had “Fame” on vinyl and loved it almost as much as my “Invisible Touch” cassette. I ain’t scared of poetry and I think 808’s have a place on the shelf of the great instruments right next to a Stradivarius or a Steinway. Here be a few hours of funk, soul, Pop, and Rock depravity that can help magnify the joy, raise up the hope, and celebrate us all home. A B-side hour, and a Sunday everyday hour cause sometimes in the time of the Vid, it feels like that. Here be WPIG-Quarantine Editions: