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50 Crevasses of Grey

If you’ve ever been so lucky to see a glacier, it was likely from a boat or a path… far in the distance, looking a little small as it carved into a lake or formed an avalanche. If you are ever so lucky as to have another opportunity, we recommend walking or wandering right on top of it. There’s no experience quite like this one, which invites you to explore and discover how vast a glacier is, and just how small you are.

We started our most recent glacier adventure in Chile’s Grey Refuge, where the guides from BigFoot Patagonia will transfer you as the first step. Next it’s a trip on a zodiac boat to reach the Nunatak (island in the middle of the glacier), where you can explore using ropes and ladders. After that it’s time to get serious with a technical speech from the lead guide; the guides will help you put on your crampons and get some practice using a piolet (ice axe). If any of this sounds a little scary or intimidating, fear not: all guides are completely focused on safety and give a very thorough briefing and safety check during both activities.

From here, the story of you and the glacier begins. For a moment you’ll feel as if you’re walking on the moon, hearing that strange crack with each step… once you get used to it, however, it turns out to be easier than you thought. There are no words to explain what you’ll feel as you explore in between crevasses and moulins, hearing the rush of water and crunch of shifting ice. You’ll see a million shades of blue, white, and grey, and suddenly a mountain appearing behind them. This experience is wild, unique, and unforgettable. And lest you imagine getting lost in a crowd, BigFoot Patagonia is the only company allowed to run the ice hiking on Grey Glacier; here you really are a main character in the middle of this amazing mass of ice. If you’re looking for a different Patagonian adventure, don’t miss it.

Carola is our resident expert on Chile and Latin America, and a seasoned glacier hiker to boot. If you’re seeking trip planning help, look no further.

For a moment you'll feel as if you're walking on the moon...

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