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Magical Chiloe

There is a unique magic that surrounds the mysterious Chiloe Island. Full of myths and legends, this special spot of land in Chile has an energy you can feel in every green meadow. I have my own theory about the source of these magical powers: it’s Tierra Chiloe. This majestic hotel is an experience in itself… the structure seems to appear out of nowhere between hills and sea, and a stay here leads to great voyages through canals and between islands, in search of old patrimonial UNESCO churches.

The hotel and its environment are mainly constructed from local wood, but it isn’t just the structure itself that moves us to recommend it so highly. With Tierra’s brightness and warmth, plus unique excursions and a high quality of care, you’ll start to feel the magic as soon as you arrive. Food here is a perfect combination of exquisite tastes and unique details, full of local flavours such as the traditional purple potato. Each of the 12 rooms are extremely well-appointed, with a large window and sea view enticing you to stay and enjoy the sunset.

Excursions are designed for a stay of four days in search of the mythical Trauco and Pincoya, and in this time you’ll get to know the whole island, becoming immersed in the local traditions and culture. Meet the lovely Sandra, who runs the orchard (and the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen in my life) for the hotel; or watch dolphins hurdling waves while sailing in the Williche, a beautiful vessel built by the hotel to extend the depth of your experience. It’s all the little details that make something magical, and Tierra Chiloe knows how to make your stay the stuff of legends.

Carola is our resident expert on Chile and Latin America, and just one of many who have been bewitched by Tierra Chiloe. If you’re seeking trip planning help, look no further.

Great voyages through canals and between islands, in search of old patrimonial UNESCO churches.

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