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Abluting Al Fresco

We wax lyrical here at the Pig about the power and majesty of safari, but one thing we tend to neglect are the practicalities.

When we speak to people the conversation invariably turns toward what the beds are like, how the food is and whether or not there will be clean drinking water. One thing we rarely touch on is the facilities, and by this I mean the bathrooms.

Surprisingly the call of nature in the middle of nature is one of the simple pleasures of safari. For me it’s up there with pre-dawn calm, or a whiskey around the fire after the sun has set. This may sound weird, but the list of things finer than doing your business with an unobstructed view of the bush is short indeed; it’s certainly better than any book or magazine.

The best part, though, has to be the showers. Most camps these days have outdoor showers and getting clean after a hard day tracking rhino or lion on foot, under a cascade of piping hot water in the midst of the bush, is truly one of life’s great experiences. Besides the fact that no one can see you, there’s nothing quite like knowing that the passing elephants don’t care what you look like naked to bring out your inner nudist. Once you get over that initial feeling of vulnerability you’ll find it’s really quite liberating.

Dan seems to be losing a battle with his inner nudist, and unfortunately it’s made for some awkward office run ins at Trufflepig. If you’re looking to become one with nature yourself, get in touch with us.

Note: This post was originally published on May 5, 2010.

The passing elephants don't care what you look like naked.