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Overeating Down Under

We’re foodies. Hands down. Fresh, local, meat, veg, wine, beer, we want to try it all. Never in a million years have I found myself thinking that I may have had too much.

“I don’t know if I can sit through another five-course meal” and “I hope this one doesn’t have wine pairings” are both phrases I never thought I would utter, but on my recent trip to New Zealand, it happened. Food had bested me. And it was the best.

Of about 19 nights on the ground, we had at least 15 multi-course dinners included. All of them spectacular. Except for one lamb dish, I can’t say there was a single course or morsel I didn’t enjoy. Why did I like this food so much?  Because it was honest. Nobody tried too hard. The ingredients spoke for themselves, and the food was always simply prepared. Starting with the right ingredients made all the difference.

New Zealand does seasonal really well. When we were there, cherries, strawberries, asparagus and lamb were all in season. What did we get to eat? You guessed it. And that was totally fine by me.

There are many different ways to dine in New Zealand. Fine restaurants, rustic lodges, roadside stands, local markets and everything in between. No matter which you choose, we have a few great recommendations up our lambswool sleeves. All you have to do is ask.

Mike requested eggs benedict with a side of freshly picked berries and home-baked French bread this morning. Sadly, all he received was a cup of coffee and a confused look from the guy at Starbucks.

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