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Boa Brazil: World Cup 2014

The Winter Olympics are over. What’s the next international competition that the world is willing to wake up to watch at all hours of the night? The FIFA World Cup, of course. Rio’s final samba school has finished the Carnival parade route, and now just 83 days remain ( has a countdown, naturally) until nationalistic pride and country vs. country rivalries can get fired right back up again. Brazil is full of football (aka soccer) fanatics, so this year’s matches promise to be more intense than ever.

If you’re resigned to watching from your local bar, think again. While accommodations and tickets in Rio and other cities are largely sold out, our miraculous Brazilian travel partners still have some availability for hotel or villa packages beginning June 12th. There are all kinds of options, and each of them near a warm sunny beach, delicious caipirinhas, and some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Get in touch with us now to put yourself in the middle of the action—because wouldn’t you rather be in Brazil right now?

If you're resigned to watching from your local bar, think again.

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