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Family Friendly

Many people ask which spots would make for a good family holiday in Latin America. The truth is, the Latins love children; the answer could be anywhere. But of course some countries are more geared up for keeping little ones entertained than others. Here’s our rundown of travel plans to keep the whole family entertained—big […]

A Private Island

Most people have dreamed of a private island at one time or another. A paradise surrounded by calm clear blues and your own personal villa. A space to relax, contemplate and sunbathe. A place for sun and sand, and a wee pop in to the sea. A place where the mind calms like the water […]

My New Favourite Airline

Working in the travel business means I do a fair amount of flying, an activity I neither love nor loathe. The palaver and process that goes with it sometime vexes (like almost stripping for searches and unpacking laptops and undoing belts and being interrogated by surly, power-crazed immigration officers), sometimes fatigues. You do get to […]

Journey to the Underworld

Our tour guide points out the window toward a smooth-barked tree towering in the distance. “A ceiba tree, sacred to the ancient Mayans, was believed to be a bridge between the planes of existence: heaven, earth, and Xibalba, ‘place of fright’, where we are going today.” Actun Tunichil Muknal, or the the ATM caves, are […]

Pool Party: Cayo District

A good pool is great at holding a lot of water. A great pool is good at that, plus it can hold its own as a piece of architecture. Where: Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize Why: If you spring for a deluxe cabana at this rustic luxe lodge, they throw in a private plunge pool. But you […]