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La Clé des Montagnes

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my wife happier than she was at La Clé des Montagnes. It was the kind of happy that spills out in giggles and wows, the kind you try to bottle and carry with you as protection against harder times. La Clé des Montagnes is not open to the public […]

High/Low: Cape Town

While the safari experience is what most travellers focus on, Africa has its share of great cities too. Cape Town is where our Africa planners threaten to move permanently every January. Here we break down two of our favourite places to stay on both ends of the spectrum. High: Ellerman House 1,180 USD and up […]

On My Plate: Babylonstoren

Ever find yourself opening and closing the fridge door compulsively, hoping that somehow the next time you open it you will magically find more inspiration than last time? I mean, what’s a guy to do with a few random eggplants, an apple and a container of yogurt, right? Where: Babel, Western Cape, South Africa What: […]

Shark Bait

The theme song from Jaws is playing in my head as I lower myself into the freezing cold water. I hesitantly peer under the surface, but murky water makes it difficult to see. Suddenly a dark shadow emerges and I find myself face to face with the most feared creature in the sea. Dyer Island […]

Truffles For Africa

I will bet you any amount of money you like that when foraging for truffles in the likes of Piemonte and Perigord, there is no danger of you being stalked by a 550 lb black-maned Kalahari lion. I bet you thought you’d never get that chance, either—how wrong you were! It just so happens that […]