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Sadly not what we would have pulled from our refrigerator
Photography: Greg Sacks

On My Plate: Babylonstoren

Ever find yourself opening and closing the fridge door compulsively, hoping that somehow the next time you open it you will magically find more inspiration than last time? I mean, what’s a guy to do with a few random eggplants, an apple and a container of yogurt, right?

Where: Babel, Western Cape, South Africa

What: The chefs at Babel (the incredible Babylonstoren’s restaurant) taught me a thing or two with this dish: roasted eggplant with fresh yogurt, green apple, and crushed macadamia nuts. Everything on this plate was grown or produced no more than 200 metres from where I ate it—yogurt included. The flavours literally jumped off the plate, and I give them full credit for turning culinary simplicity into high art.

Greg Sacks is now attempting culinary fusions with his own refrigerator leftovers. They are not pictured here for obvious reasons.

The flavours literally jumped off the plate.

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