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To infinity, and beyond
Photography: Amy Smithers

Pool Party: Hoi An

The infinity pool: there’s a reason it has graced the cover of about 14 billion travel magazines. The illusion of floating in your own private sea is priceless.

Where: The Nam Hai, Hoi An

Why: Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. After whipping around the scooter-frenzied streets of Saigon or exploring the crowded markets in Hanoi, you may find yourself craving a crowd-free spot where you can lay back and cool off. At the high-polish Nam Hai just outside Hoi An, this neverending pool seems to slide right into the ocean. Along with any tension you may have been carrying with you.

Amy Smithers has recurring dreams about The Nam Hai’s poolside loungers, only to wake up in her own bed. It is sadly not beach-adjacent.

Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

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