With a voice like Caruso

My friend Tandin was talking to me of dragons, concubines, drunken Himalayan gods, and ritualistic funerals.  I was in Bhutan, two weeks prior to the first national election proposed by the King, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, and therefore for final few weeks it could claim to be the last Buddhist kingdom (on paper at least) in the grand […]

Sri Lankan Swimming

I like a pool, a deep blue, serene swimming pool (green may suffice too), preferably of Olympic length, not because I want to swim laps in it so much, it’s just that a larger pool, when quiet and undisturbed, allows for epic reflections (and consequently good photos for Instagram, and possibly the odd reflection on […]

The Streets of the Cities We Are Still Building

My first tag was in Bangkok (I write that as if I did more, but there was only one lame attempt). It was premeditated, illegal, and fun as hell.  It was lame because I couldn’t even come up with my own tag idea, I bought a book of pre fab stencil tags in the Hong Kong airport and […]

Of gods, saints, and poets

For 10 years I lived out of a bag.  It was a good bag, cordura Patagonia roller, that did me well, and it was the same size as a small NYC apt and held all the stuff I needed at that point in my life so I was happy.  I started on the road without […]

Taking the Road Less Driven

In 2011, I spent a fortnight driving around southwest China by myself. I had a valid Chinese driving license and a legal rental car, and yet I felt as though I was doing something illicit. Others evidently thought so, too: “Do you really just go where you want? So free!” I was asked, wistfully, on […]

Wake Up Your Windows

I have always been attracted to the worn, to patina, to rusty and to rotten things. Whether it be architecture (Havana, Yangon), fashion (a good pair of old jeans, or old leather boots), or even food (dry-aged steaks, pickle, fermentation – which when you boil it down is rot, tasty, tasty rot…). And as a […]

In Search of a Flippin’ Good Asia Planner

Trufflepig’s Asia program is growing. Like, pho sure. With 6 months of dedicated research this year alone, we are expanding the breadth of our expertise on the continent. That said, depth will always trump breadth here on the Trufflepig farm. We like to go deep. Compelled by a pig-headed drive and insatiable curiosity, we pride […]

Holy Ship

There are not too many times in our lives we can use the hashtag #yachtinspections without irony. This happened to be one of those times.  During my extended stay in Bali, the stars aligned and we heard that many of the beautiful live aboard yachts that we have been eyeing were all going to be […]

Lovely Laos

It’s been a while since we’ve managed to make our way back to Laos.  It’s always a treat to be able to return to Luang Prabang, a true favourite of mine, but this time we were able to explore a bit further.  Laos has long been known as an “add-on” destination to trips in Vietnam, […]

Bangkok Bliss

Bangkok to me has always been a stopover destination.  One night in and out, 2-3 the next time, slightly longer when I was a backpacker back in the day, etc.  I  always stayed hyper local, doing a few things here and there but never really getting the hang of it.  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure […]

The Golden Experience

Most travellers to Burma, especially on the upscale end, rarely stray off the beaten path of the four most popular destinations: Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, and Yangon. They are fantastic locations, and have the best hotels and most modern services, as well as lots of amazing things to see and do. However, for those willing to […]

Home-Cooked Myanmar

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from Burmese food, as I had never been exposed to it before. Suffice it to say, I was completely blown away by the selection, surprising combinations, and rich flavours that were repeatedly put in front of me. Geography has a lot to do with why Burmese food […]

Electric Explorer

On my recent trip to Myanmar (often still called Burma), I decided to take a break from the company of my excellent guide and head off on my own. I picked up a rental e-bike for a bargain (about 5 USD), so that I could get a little further in my explorations for the day. […]

Mingalabar Myanmar

We are excited to announce that we have finally brought Myanmar (also known as Burma) into the fold. After an exhaustive research trip spent scouting out the hotels, eating in the restaurants, meeting the people and drinking the (surprisingly delicious) beer, we are confident that we can give you an amazing and authentic experience in […]

Vespa Adventure

I clearly remember my first love. I was a little girl sick in bed, glued to the TV set watching Audrey Hepburn play a princess to Gregory Peck’s dashing reporter, as they zigzagged through Rome on a Vespa. Ever since that film, I have dreamed of my Roman Holiday moment. Decades later, thanks to Trufflepig, […]

My Day With Duc

Take Vietnamese cooking lessons: a humdrum resolution for many, but for someone who can burn toast perfectly (how black do you want it?), my resolution is revolutionary. It’s all thanks to Tran Thanh Duc (Duc for short), the dynamic Vietnamese chef extraordinaire who charms as he chops, slices, dices, and turns up the heat. Nigella […]