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Trufflepig is Hiring: Asia Trip Planner

Please form an orderly line… Doors are opening for a new Asia planner at Trufflepig. See the page on Work At Trufflepig for details of our employment practises, and here for the unlikely backstories of our current team. You might also want to read about our Hoofprint Project, or look under the hood for a […]

WPIG: Thai Funk-a-Go-Go Edition

Here for your travel listening pleasure, in the latest edition of WPIG the Pig is Thai Funk – a radio hour of dive-bar bands in Thailand playing rock, funk, and soul. Tyler Dillon and Anthony Weersing join forces in this episode to drop the nasty. Pour yourself a tropical cocktail and soak up the tunes. […]


Over the past few years a symbol has made the leap from movie into life. It is a salute with three fingers held high: pointer-middle-ring.  It came from The Hunger Games, the series written by Suzanne Collins.  Both a book and movie franchise, it is a tale following the life of Katniss Everdeen. Her name […]

Trufflepig Recipes: Congee

I have a list of three things which, perhaps due to a repressive part of my psyche or some masochistic Protestant lean, I have denied myself until I felt I could no longer continue without them; reading the entire Faulkner cannon, going on a surf/bike road trip through California, and learning how to make my […]

Drag Strip Courage

I was a shameless child with drag strip courage and an imagination that would often mistake clouds for mountains. I liked to move. My parents tell a story too often about them leaving me in the crib for a nap and when they came back to wake me up the crib was on the other […]

Through the Thai Looking Glass

Here is a glimpse behind the curtain at the nuts and bolts of a Trufflepig research trips as Tyler heads out on the road to Bangkok…: From: To: Greg and Jack August 2nd. Greg and Jack, So here is the story, Thai Tourism has put together a consultation trip for lux new properties in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and […]

The Streets of the Cities We Are Still Building

My first tag was in Bangkok (I write that as if I did more, but there was only one lame attempt). It was premeditated, illegal, and fun as hell.  It was lame because I couldn’t even come up with my own tag idea, I bought a book of pre fab stencil tags in the Hong Kong airport and […]

Bangkok Bliss

Bangkok to me has always been a stopover destination.  One night in and out, 2-3 the next time, slightly longer when I was a backpacker back in the day, etc.  I  always stayed hyper local, doing a few things here and there but never really getting the hang of it.  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure […]

Siam, I Am

Bangkok has long been known for great hotels. We love them. Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula, to name but two. From big to small, there is always a good choice for any traveller. In some moments of backpacking weakness (years ago mind you), we even sampled the questionable accommodations along Khao San Rd. Those are memories we […]

Gross Gastronomy

Indochina is a gastronome’s delight. From lovingly prepared pho (the cure for all ills, in my opinion) in Vietnam to creamy amok fish curry and stir fried morning glory flowers (a personal favourite) in Cambodia, you’re bound to have many delicious dishes calling you back for more. There is, however, a flip side to this culinary coin—a number of […]

Search, Search and Research

There’s a reason we’re always heading back to the countries we love: Research. We do a lot of it, and its probably just about the best part of our jobs. Finding new things, meeting new people and visiting new places helps us grow, both as a company and on a personal level. It’s a bit […]

Big Love

Paying to volunteer abroad may seem like a backwards notion, but the experience outweighs the cost when it’s an opportunity to meet the love of your life. At Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, I fell for a pachyderm. Elephant Nature Park is a small elephant sanctuary that specializes in the rehabilitation of abused elephants. These giants […]