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Iguacu VS Iguazu

This is not a post for complaining about spelling (although I wouldn’t be opposed to writing one of those). This is the ultimate South American showdown: Argentina vs. Brazil, who will win it all? It’s a tough match, of course. How can you choose a winner in a battle of Buenos Aires vs. Rio de […]

Dunes to Die For

Practically everywhere you look in Brazil you will find a fabulous stretch of beach. They’re not exactly in short supply. It isn’t every day, however, that you’ll find desert dunes and freshwater lagoons in the same place. Lencois Maranhenses National Park is a landscape so crazy that naturally the way to arrive there is a […]

Trancoso Bonito

In the tropical and tempestuous state of Bahia, Brazil, lies the gorgeous beach town of Trancoso. A place so splendidly swell, it should, by rights, be deemed illegal on the grounds of “altogether too pleasurable.” Like most pleasures, you must earn your visit to Trancoso; as reaching this wondrous destination is a bit tricky. You […]

Hidden Gem: The Pantanal

Brazil is a veritable piñata of sights and experiences. And while the Amazon, the epic Iguassu Falls, and Rio are all rightfully high on the must-see list, there is another compelling reason to visit (or revisit) this gigantic playground. And it’s called the Pantanal (say this to yourself in the echo-y voice of an omniscient […]

Where to go in 2013

Let’s go out on a limb and predict that the world isn’t going to end tomorrow. Christmas and New Year’s will come and go, and then those of us in the northernmost parts of the northern hemisphere will enter what one Trufflepig planner calls “the long, dark tea time of the soul.” Give your soul […]

Pool Party: Rio de Janeiro

This is the place to watch day turn into night, as the twinkling lights of the strip come alive, and the wholesome afternoon vibe turns into a heady, fulsome fun. Where: Fasano Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Why: Rio is full of rooftop pools. All along the Copacabana and Ipanema beachfronts there are a plethora of pools for […]

Reaching Corumbau

Sometimes it’s about the journey and the destination. Brazil’s massive and magnificent coastline houses many hidden treasures that are well worth seeking out, even if it takes a wee while to arrive there. On a recent trip to Brazil I found a particularly challenging route to reach a remote beach lodge. The first part of the […]

Arty Inhotim

Imagine taking the MOMA or the Tate Modern and hacking it to pieces with a giant axe, and then scattering the arty fragments in a huge, tropical, botanic garden in Brazil. Now you have some idea of what is in store for you at Inhotim. In a remote yet vast garden, in the state of […]

On My Plate: Brazil

We’ve already caused countless fits of jealousy and envy by posting gorgeous views and fancy hotel rooms. Now, we offer a disclaimer: don’t read before lunch. Here we begin a series to share some of our favourite meals, every Friday. Where: A roadside restaurant in Brazil’s Pantanal region (think Florida Everglades meets Australian outback). What: Piranha soup. […]

The Year of Brazil

Year is probably an understatement—decade is more like it. Thanks to the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games, tourism in Brazil is hotter than the Rio sun, and we’re getting a refresher on the coolest destinations. Based in London but with a taste for Cachaça that keeps him overseas frequently, Anton Lynch is our extraordinary […]

Scaling Sugarloaf

First time visitors to Rio de Janeiro undoubtedly head to the famed Sugarloaf Mountain at the end of Copacabana. While the easy way to reach the summit is by cable car, there’s a more adventurous and exciting way to do it: by climbing the mountain with a specialized instructor. Generally you will be taken to […]

Amazon Vs. Amazon

Everyone has heard facts and figures, stats and standards about the Amazon—how it is the largest flow of water in the world, the largest rainforest in the world, the list goes on. But which Amazon is the best to visit? It spans many countries: Brazil is the most famous with the lion’s share, but the […]

A Perfect Pair

Brazil’s not known as a country to cover its charms. And yet, the little towns of Paraty and Tiradentes are largely hidden from the traveller’s initial glance. One is tucked in the mountains of the interior, the other snuggles the coast (about halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo). Geographically they’re 430 km apart, […]