Indochina by Numbers

A great trip is the sum of its parts. But picking the best parts and then figuring out how to piece them together, well, that can be a challenge. Perhaps more than anywhere I can think of, planning a silky smooth trip to Indochina usually boils down to a mathematical equation (not to be confused with a […]

Gross Gastronomy

Indochina is a gastronome’s delight. From lovingly prepared pho (the cure for all ills, in my opinion) in Vietnam to creamy amok fish curry and stir fried morning glory flowers (a personal favourite) in Cambodia, you’re bound to have many delicious dishes calling you back for more. There is, however, a flip side to this culinary coin—a number of […]

Class is Now in Session

On my most recent jaunt through Cambodia, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend I made on my last trip. When I met Rure Rady, he was just finishing up guiding school and eager to start working in the tourism industry. He had a single tuk-tuk and a vision. We spent about […]

High/Low: Siem Reap

In almost every destination where we plan, there’s an opportunity to dive into luxury headfirst (not literally—the private plunge pool is shallow), or simply dip a toe or two into the water. We compare both high and low with two properties in Siem Reap. High: Amansara 850 USD and up With cool white walls, dark woods, […]

Keys to the Wat

Whenever possible, we try to bring you the unique, the quirky and the off the beaten track. Occasionally though, we can’t help but point out the obvious—things that everyone knows about but that are so good we just have to mention them. Angkor Wat is one of those. Chances are if you went to Southeast […]

Now and Zen

Half the fun of travelling in Asia is learning to embrace the chaos and congestion, the colour and the noise. The other half is finding a place where you can escape the mayhem, and slip into a zone of visual, aural, emotional calm. Such retreats can be hard to find, especially in the increasingly turbo-charged […]