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High/Low: Siem Reap

In almost every destination where we plan, there’s an opportunity to dive into luxury headfirst (not literally—the private plunge pool is shallow), or simply dip a toe or two into the water. We compare both high and low with two properties in Siem Reap.

High: Amansara
850 USD and up
With cool white walls, dark woods, and minimalist décor, Amansara feels like a mid-century Cambodian prince’s home—which makes a lot of sense when you find out that the building is the former guest house of Khmer King Sihanouk. At Amansara, magical things happen; you might experience a pedicure so relaxing you fall asleep, or find a bath drawn precisely for your arrival that drains itself as you step out. Most magical of all are the private courtyard plunge pools in about half of the suites. Even the most tightly-wound soul can unwind and enjoy the impeccable service here.

Low: Hotel de la Paix
195 USD and up
Attaching the word ‘low’ to a description of Hotel de la Paix feels terribly wrong. The building is a modern, purpose-built hotel, without the colonial frilliness that many of the other large properties in Siem Reap are steeped in. Hotel de la Paix shares the same clean, contemporary style as Amansara, but it is a larger hotel, and sits right in the centre of the town instead of on the outlying road to the temples. With a gorgeous pool area, spacious rooms and a restaurant and café on site, nobody we’ve sent to Hotel de la Paix has ever had eyes for another hotel. Soon to become a member of the Park Hyatt hotel group, this spot is only going to get better with time.

Amy Smithers is our full-time Sounder editor and part-time hotel tester. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Even the most tightly-wound soul can unwind and enjoy the impeccable service here.

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