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Midnight Madness

“Midnight is coming.” So began the rather ominous-sounding subject line of our first email from Game Control. This is what kicked-off the final week of preparation, anticipation, excitement and frenzy leading up to a once-a-year event called Midnight Madness, that stormed New York City this year on October 5th. On that cool autumn evening, 30 […]

Cafe Gitane, I Love You

I don’t usually like to pick favourites. Usually. Today, however, I’m going to side-step diplomacy and cut right to the quick. My all-time favourite place to have lunch in NYC is Cafe Gitane on Mott Street in Nolita. Boom, there it is. The cold, hard, delicious truth. Perhaps some explanation is in order. Cafe Gitane […]

Dynamite Donuts

While tacos might be my true love, donuts might just be my first love. As a kid, it was a weekly Sunday ritual to head to the local donut shop and choose half a dozen cream-filled and chocolate-glazed treats to bring home and share with the rest of the family. As my taste buds have […]

Tacos Tacombi

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a taco snob. Hailing from the land of carnitas and guacamole in sunny southern California, where my high school had surf P.E. and the lunch menu regularly included burritos, tacquitos and tamales, it was a rude awakening to arrive in New York city and find a dearth of […]

Franzen Feeding Frenzy

Seems these days that everyone is an amateur food photographer. It’s not unusual to see diners standing over their dishes, lording an SLR or just their iPhone to snap some photos of a stack of pancakes or the perfectly runny eggs Benedict. Food though, can be a tricky beast (I mean who can make a […]

Salty Sweet: The Meadow NYC

New York City is chock-a-block with shops that specialize. There’s an entire restaurant devoted to meatballs, and one just for grilled cheese, and of course one just for peanut butter. So imagine my delight (and not so surprise) when I came across The Meadow, which specializes in salt, chocolate and bitters. Inside the tiny store […]

A New York Minute

We’ve never attempted to hide our love for New York, and it’s arguably at its height during the summer months. Outdoor events abound, patios are swarmed, and parks filled with life. The choices of things to see and do are endless, and so many options can get a little overwhelming. What (and where) are New […]

On My Plate: New York City

Where: Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble, New York City What: When 20 restaurants famous for their lobster rolls come together under one roof, it’s a recipe for delicious, delicious success. Want them with mayo? You got it. Just butter? That too. Can’t decide? No problem. I don’t think I’ve ever been so simulaneously overjoyed and […]

New York 101: Taxis to Toques

Every time I go to New York it teaches me something. When I made my inaugural foray to Manhattan in 1980, I shrugged off the driver’s surprised look as I clambered into the taxi. It was only after I looked around that I realized the other passengers were all sitting in the back seats. A […]

Shopping with Coup de Coeur

Shopping in New York City is as much of an art (or science) as truffle hunting in Italy or animal tracking in Botswana, so naturally we always have some ‘pigs’ on hand to help us out. Meet our Manhattan gurus and their favourite discoveries. As personal stylists and founders of Coup de Coeur, we’re always asked […]

Nolita Makes Scents

As a traveller, you know that moment. You open your suitcase for the first time back at home and catch a fleeting scent of your trip left clinging to clothes and souvenirs; it instantly takes you right back. I had such a moment a few weeks ago, and was instantly transported back to Nolita. Just […]

Lobster Migration

“It’s imported.” The phrase has a certain cachet, doesn’t it? Imported caviar from Russia, imported Italian sports cars. Especially in New York City, it seems there’s nothing you can’t have if you’ve got the cash and you know the best source. And boy do we have an addictive source for you. We can’t really justify […]