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Together with Kate Hill of the Kitchen at Camont in France’s Gascony region, Trufflepig is offering the grand prize for the craziest food phenomenon ever to hit the web: the aptly-named Charcutepalooza. Read on for details of how to win a food trip that’s really worth its salt.

It hardly needs pointing out that at Trufflepig we like jambon puns and silly names. But we also have a serious interest in food-based travel, sustainable eating, and France. So when Kate turned us on to Charcutepalooza, a group of maniacally dedicated food-bloggers across the world currently engaged in a 12-month charcuterie making, salting, curing, cooking and writing contest, we leapt in and decided to team up to plan the ultimate trip for the winner. Today the competition goes live on the web, and we’re excited to announce the details of the prize trip we’re offering.

Sounder readers will know we have a long-held affection for the South West of France and its cuisine, as witnessed by some of our more graphic posts (but not our waist-lines: duck fat is the new iceberg lettuce), and there’s no better way to get into the region’s culinary riches than with the guidance, knowledge and humour of Kate Hill at Camont. The heart of the trip is a five-day intensive charcuterie programme offered by Kate at Camont in picturesque Gascony. And since the winner will be flying in and out of Paris, we’ve added three nights and some eating and exploration in the city which we call chez nous. This will include private food walks, backstage visits to the city’s best truffle shop, traiteurs and fromageries, and culminate in an early morning visit to the world’s largest and most eye-popping market: the professionals-only Marché de Rungis. Along the way, enjoy some great meals with local guests, and a wine and charcuterie soirée with a collection of the city’s most tuned-in food bloggers and twitterati. The winner’s flights, travel, and accommodation are all included as part of our prize.

Full details of the Grand Prix we’re offering are here, and here is how to take part.

If you told us six months ago we had three weeks to get in touch with every last charcuterie fanatic in the world, we would not have believed it possible. But now we finally understand Twitter. This is a story about where social media meets salted medulla. You can follow the insanity on Twitter:#charcutepalooza

Good luck!

Jack Dancy is a Paris-based foodie who thanks the vegetarian editor of this blog for looking the other way on this post. If you’re not a maker of fine meats, fear not—you can still go taste them with Trufflepig.

Charcutepalooza, a group of maniacally dedicated food-bloggers across the world currently engaged in a 12-month charcuterie making, salting, curing, cooking and writing contest.

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