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Chinese Fishing in India

Kochi (or Cochin) is a wonderful coastal town in India’s colourful southern state of Kerala; a smiley, happy spot with rather lovely locals and some of the best curry this side of Manchester. It is a place to park your self for a wee while and soak in the local flavour, strolling the streets and lanes and drinking as much chai as you can.

One of the main attractions here, weirdly, are the Chinese fishing nets—dramatic scaffolding which speaks of skill and times gone-by. They appear otherworldly to the eye, but are still in action today. You can purchase fresh plaice and a local street entrepreneur will fry it up for you on the spot.

Just south of a meandering promenade from the gorgeous Brunton Boatyard, these magnificent net-structures make for a sweet spectacle and some great photo ops. Apparently they are also amazing at sunset, but by that time I was in another hotel bar sipping gin and tonics, at the charming Malabar House, our other favourite place to spend some time in this exotic locale. One more reason to take time out from the crazy north and head to the southern delights.

Anton tries to trade Thames for backwaters on a regular basis. If you’re looking to find the mellowest India has to offer, he’s your man.

They appear otherworldly to the eye, but are still in action today.

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