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Connect the Dots

We’ve got some serious connections here at Trufflepig. Great trips depend heavily on who you know, so we have many contacts up our bespoke sleeves. But with 30-plus countries on our plates, we’re no match for the specialized knowledge of these amazing concierges.

Andrew McEwan, Singita Ebony Lodge, South Africa
Yes, everyone knows the service standards at Singita are high, but in the African bush you can’t expect everything you wish for to fall right into your lap. Or can you? Technically a guide at Ebony Lodge, Andrew McEwan could very well make it as a top concierge thanks to his incredible attention to detail. While driving around the bush, in between game sightings, we somehow got on the topic of fish and chips. Andrew highly recommended kingklip and chips and insisted we must try it during our stay in Cape Town. Later that evening, we arrived for dinner and were checking out the beautiful plates of meats and veggies that were being served to the other tables. When our dinner arrived, however, it was kingklip and chips—the chips were even authentically wrapped in newspaper. A delicious surprise to say the least.

Jonathan Scott, The Boatshed, New Zealand
When the top dog at a hotel officially titles himself ‘Host’ (as opposed to General Manager, Head Concierge, or Chief Client Relations Officer), you’ve got to know it’s not going to be business as usual. When you arrive at The Boatshed and start chatting with Jonathan Scott, the host, you realize it’s not about business at all. Jonathan, whose father David originally built the place as a family cottage, runs the it like a house and treats his guests like old friends. He’ll happily steer you towards the best vineyards on the island, explain how to reach the beach (a three minute walk away), or pass you the keys to TOGS (the hotel’s cute-as-a-button Mini Moke for hire) so you can explore the island on your own and in classic Waiheke style.

Gloria Noel, Calistoga Ranch, USA
There are some people who just seem to know everyone in a hundred mile radius, and Gloria Noel is one of them. How lucky for the guests at Calistoga Ranch then—they have their own personal connector in-house to arrange exclusive dinners, private wine tastings, and any other California dreams they may have their hearts set on. And if you’re disappointed because a restaurant is all booked up, fear not; you’re first in the waiting line. When the local restaurants have cancellations, it’s Gloria they call to check in with.

Jonathan runs the place like a house and treats his guests like old friends.