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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

If ever you find yourself with a day in Nairobi, don’t panic; the city once referred to as ‘Nairobbery’ is much safer than it used to be.

There are actually some cool things to see and do, like visiting the Kazuri Beads factory or taking high tea at Giraffe Manor. You may even have heard of the Sheldrake Wildlife Orphanage—where teems of Nairobi schoolchildren come to learn about the elephant orphans being cared for here on the edge of Nairobi National Park. But here is a secret for you – you can arrange a private visit with the elephants if you are willing to commit to a minimum $50 USD donation, and to foster one of them.

The David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust has been operating since 1987, rearing orphaned elephants and rhinos and returning them to the wild. By fostering an orphan, your money also goes towards anti-poaching efforts, veterinary assistance and awareness programs throughout the country. You will receive a fostering certificate with a profile and photograph of your adopted orphan as well as monthly updates of their progress – this makes for an amazing gift. And here is the secret—you’ll spend some time with your adopted pachyderm—an experience that will melt your heart. The elephant will lean into you, as affectionate as a puppy dog, while you blow into its trunk so it can get familiar with your warm breath. This is a bonding experience you will not soon forget.

This is a bonding experience you will not soon forget.

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