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Electric Explorer

On my recent trip to Myanmar (often still called Burma), I decided to take a break from the company of my excellent guide and head off on my own. I picked up a rental e-bike for a bargain (about 5 USD), so that I could get a little further in my explorations for the day.

Sometimes being on your own allows you to truly get off the beaten path and choose a random direction to travel in. Fortunately, in Bagan, it’s almost impossible to get completely lost. My big day out took me through local villages, past tiny monasteries, and to temples less travelled. I passed by one of the main sights but spotted a tour bus and just kept on cruising (yee-haw). I eventually found myself at a beautiful, shady little temple where I was the only person in sight, and I paused for a snack. Next, I decided to head into Nyaung-U for lunch and a visit to the market. I stopped at a temple and came across a few statues that I will never be able to un-see (take a look at my photos…); it was time to keep moving.

After switching out my bike due to a battery issue (a new bike was driven to me within 20 minutes), I forged onward again on my new hot pink ride, which coincidentally pushed 70 kph on the open road and was a serious upgrade. Cruising the open road for another couple of hours, I ended my day on top of a remote temple to watch an incredible sunset, and counted my adventure successful before high-tailing it back to return my bike. Where else can you have a day out like this for just five bucks?

Myanmar has finally been added to the roster of countries where we plan trips. To get you started, we’re posting a new article about the country every day this week. Stay tuned for some more planning tips tomorrow.

My big day out took me through local villages, past tiny monasteries, and to temples less travelled.

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