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Estancia La Margarita

Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed out, or it snows in the middle of April (ahem, mother nature), I think about Estancia La Margarita. There are few places in the world where I’ve felt as relaxed as I did at this Argentinian haven. La Margarita’s sprawling property is set far enough away from the city to feel remote, but close enough to get to without much hassle; it’s roughly a three hour drive from Buenos Aires.

Stay in the historic main house for a fully catered experience, or in one of the self-catering suites with a small kitchen to do your own thing. Ride a horse every morning with a local gaucho, or go out twice a day, or not at all. Perhaps you’d like to borrow one of the bikes and cycle around the property, or go for a walk led by one of the La Margarita dogs (they make excellent guides). Go for a swim in the pool, or spend the day in the hammock, reading a novel in its entirety with a view of the vast pampas glowing orange at sunset. If you’re not catching my drift yet, Estancia La Margarita is all options, no stress. Just do what you like, when you feel like it. The only restriction? Zero wifi access on the property. Perfect for enforcing a strict policy of idle relaxation.

Amy’s one productive accomplishment during her time at La Margarita was befriending a horse named Emma. They practiced their conversational Spanish together. If you’d like to plan your own Argentinian escape, get in touch with us to get the ball rolling.

If you're not catching my drift yet, Estancia La Margarita is all options, no stress.

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