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Herding for City Slickers

North of Toronto’s urban sprawl lies a secret universe of undulating hills and dense forest, not to mention the best horseback riding in all of Ontario.

Rawhide Adventures operates out of Peace Valley Ranch in the Mulmur Hills, where the cattle are grass finished and the resulting beef is amazing (order a grilling box before the summer is out and you’ll see what we mean). A day visiting Rawhide Adventures begins with a riding lesson to familiarize yourself with their impeccably trained horses. Canter, trot, heck—gallop if you’re willing. Then get to work and move them cows to pasture! You’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ in no time, and when the work is done its time for some western pleasure riding along the Bruce Trail, followed by a BBQ and a camp out.

Rawhide Adventures is run by a superhero named Krusty the Cowboy. And just as every superhero has a genesis story, telling how they gained their super powers, Krusty is no exception. Born to German parents on the island of Jamaica, you might think the culture clash would cause Baby Krusty to spontaneously combust. Instead, he grew up and moved to Canada to become a country music-loving wrangler, dressed in leather chaps and a bandana. Krusty trains his horses with Germanic precision while making his guests round the campfire feel “all-the-time-irie”. If you’re looking to shed your city skin for a day, there’s no better place to turn.

A country music-loving wrangler, dressed in leather chaps and a bandana.

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