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Imanta Punta de Mita

At Trufflepig we often declare that “we know further afield better than close at hand”. But sometimes you don’t want to go all that far. The idea of sitting on an overnight flight for a short getaway seems daunting. You just need to relax and recharge a little closer to home.

That’s just what I needed this July and luckily Imanta Resort was there to help. No drama, no problems, no thought required—a quick flight to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico, and a 40 minute drive and I’m on the beach, cerveza in hand. And what a beach. Not a braided strand in sight—only dramatic cliffs, lush green jungle, and a brilliant clear blue ocean.

The stereotypes of Mexican resort holidays with staff entertainers are left behind here, replaced by jungle walks with a nature guide, rooftop yoga sessions, private sunset dinners, ocean kayaking, and surf lessons where even the most beginner of beginners can ride a wave. There is no shortage of activity at a resort where the last thing you want to do is leave your day bed.

But the word resort doesn’t do justice to the property—with only 16 rooms, including two 3-bedroom villas, you truly are a guest. Staff know you by name and quickly remember how salty or sweet you like your margarita (I had mine with cucumber).

We even had the lucky experience of releasing newly hatched turtles into the ocean, something normally reserved for November visits. Apparently, these hatchlings will always remember the feel of the sand, and so at sometime in the future will return to the shores of Imanta for a visit. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Diane Ring is now planning her second, third and fourth honeymoons around the world. When you work in travel, you can’t have just one.


Surf lessons where even the most beginner of beginners can ride a wave.

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