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King of the Castle

More like lord of the manor, but we love it all the same. Otahuna Lodge is running a great promo during their upcoming winter months, and we want to share it with you: guests now have the option to rent the lodge out on an exclusive basis. That’s up to ten guests who get to meander the grand hallways and beautiful gardens, and in my case hum the tune to Downton Abbey. Included in your very well-priced stay is daily breakfast and five-course dinner with wine pairings, lovingly prepared by chef Jimmy. We’re sure his goal is to make it so you can’t fit out the door, and therefore you’ll never have to leave. You also get full access to the property, and have the perfect jumping off point to explore Christchurch and surrounding Canterbury, all accessible on great day trips.

If you don’t have a large enough entourage to take over the full lodge, a second fantastic deal has just been released; enjoy the best of both the North and South Islands with a “pay five, stay six” package, including three nights at Otahuna Lodge, and three nights at Wharekauhau, just outside Wellington. Located in gorgeous Palliser Bay, Wharekauhau allows guests to experience both the beach and gorgeous farmland, all with a daily menu to rival Otahuna’s.

Give us a call if you would like our help setting up a stay; we can pair either of these with a number of other fantastic properties to house your group or extended family on an incredible (and incredibly scenic) trip through New Zealand.

Mike fell in love with New Zealand (and Otahuna Lodge) at first sight. If you’re Oceania-bound, look no further for all your planning needs.

Meander the grand hallways and beautiful gardens, and in my case hum the tune to Downton Abbey.

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