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Milfordicus Maximus

Some say that if we were meant to fly we’d have been born with wings. Perhaps. But I doubt those naysayers have been to Milford Sound.

And I’d bet a golden grouse they’ve never seen it by helicopter. The truth is New Zealand’s epic fjord land can only be appreciated fully if seen from the air. Queenstown-based Over The Top is the region’s primo heli operator and the company to call when you want to get high. They have a handful of top-notch aircrafts, including a sleek and powerful Eurocopter—the pride of the fleet and the first of its kind in the country.

Depending on your appetite for adventure (and depth of pocket), you can do anything from a one and a half hour mini-Milford excursion (on a shared basis) to a six hour totally custom glacial mega adventure. Our suggestion is the four hour ‘Milford Heli Cruise’, which combines a boat cruise in Milford Sound, a glacier landing, and some phenomenal alpine flying. If you’re lucky you’ll find owner Louisa ‘Choppy’ Patterson, New Zealand’s first female heli pilot at the controls. Then again, all of OTP’s aces are adept at deliciously terrifying flying.

Charlie Scott is a speed and terror connoisseur (if you haven’t noticed already). Get in touch with him to get on with your glacier hopping—or any other adventure you have in mind.

Find owner Louisa 'Choppy' Patterson.

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