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Conquering Kilimanjaro

I’m a big fan of delayed gratification; a little hard work beforehand makes the reward that much sweeter. For example, when eating lobster (my favourite meal), I’ll start with the legs and the little flanges at the tip of the tail, twisting and tweezing out even the smallest fibre of meat until I can barely contain myself (or fend off others). Then, and only then, will I attack the tail. Mount Kilimanjaro is no lobster, that’s for sure, but there is no better way to ensure that your safari or Zanzibar beach holiday hits the spot than to preface it with a 19,000 ft personal challenge.

Trufflepig has wonderful partners on the mountain, and at this very moment we have five travellers bedding down for the night in their custom VIP camp with stretcher beds, shower tent, and extended support crew. Yesterday they reached the final summit, tomorrow they begin a luxurious few days of safari at Singita’s Faru Faru Lodge, to reward themselves for a climb well done. Following that, they’ll visit the gorillas in Rwanda to cap off their trip. We have a cameraman filming the action, so all of their phenomenal achievements are given proper due.

This is Kilimanjaro in style, but don’t be fooled—nothing comes easy at 19,000 feet. While we help select the best route (the nine-day Lemosho Crater Route means minimum human traffic and maximum natural beauty), and bring forward the most experienced and socially responsible outfitter on the Mountain (Ake Lindstrom and his Summits Africa team are the real deal), no one is going to climb this beast of a hill for you. This is expedition territory and your reward is hard-earned, but it’s all the sweeter for it. The only thing better than complete relaxation is complete relaxation with a summit to brag about.

Greg Sacks still dreams of the moment when he’ll conquer Kilimanjaro himself. We know he’ll get there, even if he has to strap his daughter and his desk onto his back to do it.

This is Kilimanjaro in style, but don’t be fooled—nothing comes easy at 19,000 feet.

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