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Now & Zen

This is the moment when you’ve run out of patience. You know it. We know it. All the other drivers on the salt-crusted road know it. It’s mid-February and there are minimal daylight hours at the end of the tunnel, especially under this particularly heavy avalanche of snow. We’re all just trying too hard to keep it together, stay happy and make it through to spring, and nerves are fraying rapidly.

What you need most right now is a little zen in your future. A way to recapture that inner calm and peace. You know, the sort you get when you’re walking on the beach, sleeping in a hammock, or hanging out with monks in Bhutan. Bhutanese monks? Yes, you heard us correctly. Today we discovered an amazing de-stressing opportunity that has your name on it. It’s called “Inner Silence“. From May 21-31, the gorgeous Amankora group of hotels in Bhutan is offering a special retreat focusing on the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Your nine nights will be spread over four different lodges, and include zen walking meditations and teachings in Bhutan’s gorgeous unspoilt valleys.

Ready to quiet that buzzing brain? We thought so. And we’ll be happy to help get you on your way to the land of zen and zero gridlock, all you have to do is ask.

Ready to quiet that buzzing brain? We thought so.

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