Trufflepig is Hiring: France Planner

Bugs Bunny described France as that place where ‘all good Americans go when they die’. Well, now you don’t have to wait that long, and you can get paid for doing it. Trufflepig is hiring into our comfiest position, that of France planner. We’re looking for one lucky winner to join our award-winning team of ace travel chefs.

And let’s be frank: it’s a tough job. We can make it sound cushy (travel, truffles, wine) but the reality is that it’s an extremely demanding role. We’re immensely proud of our planners and of our France trips, and if the list of skills required to do the job is not daunting enough, you’re not reading closely.

Please take a look at the job posting for details of the role, and of how to apply.

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