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Tutto Per La Famiglia

It’s tough to satisfy the interests of multiple generations at the same time, let alone while on the move around a new country. Italians embrace the family, however—both their own, and yours.

I recently asked Rudston (our expert in all things Italiano) why the country is such a great one for families to visit together. His top six reasons to take your brood to Italy:

1. Italy’s three huge art cities (Rome, Florence and Venice) aren’t just for grown-ups. There is a huge range of guiding geared specifically toward getting kids involved and interacting. And for the junior painters in your family, we know an incredible artist based in Florence named Sharon Okun, who leads workshops for kids in her very own studio, or perhaps in a castle in Umbria if you’d like a change of scenery.

2. Italy is a great place to get active. The whole family can cycle and hike together in Tuscany, or (depending on the kids’ ages) go hiking in the Dolomites. There are outdoor activities (with amazing views) available for all levels of ability.

3. Villa rental is extremely popular, and there are plenty of private spots on the Sicilian coastline where everyone can stay under one roof, but also have the independence to do some exploring (or temporary escaping) on their own.

4. The food in Italy is delicious enough to be a treat for parents, without being a chore for picky eaters to get down. Kids tend to love the food in Italy because the flavours, while rich, are relatively simple. Even the least exotic palate can enjoy a good plate of spaghetti bolognese.

5. Italy is exotic enough to provide parents with plenty of interesting new things to see, but not so much so that youngsters will be overwhelmed with culture shock. It’s a fantastic country for the novice traveller to start building nomadic aspirations. Prepare to finance future “gap years”.

6. Italians love kids. Walk into a restaurant with a cute kid in your arms and you’re everyone’s new best friend. As opposed to some countries where children seem to be simply tolerated, your kids will be part of the big, welcoming Italian family before you know it.

Amy Smithers is considering a side career as a travel nanny, and would gladly take your little ones off your hands and away to Italy for some cultural immersion. Or spaghetti immersion.

Walk into a restaurant with a cute kid in your arms and you're everyone's new best friend.

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