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The Unexpected Amazon

Did you know that more than 60% of Perúvian terrain is Amazon Jungle area? Conversely, the ruins in the Andean Valleys (where most people concentrate their visits) constitute only about 28% of the country’s land. I was fascinated when I realized this—it wasn’t Brazil or Ecuador, but Peru’s ancient, Incan land, full of ruins and culture, offering a prime experience through the Amazon Jungle. So I took to a boat to experience what many miss out on.

When you think of embarking on a luxury cruise in the Amazon, you definitely don’t realize that it can be as fabulous as the gliding Aria. The vessel is delightful, full of great attention to detail, with plenty of space to observe the wonderful scenery passing by. Once you step on board everyone knows your name, and every detail seems made for you.

If you’re looking to disconnect and get lost in the middle of nowhere, this is the place. Look at a map and you’ll realize where you are—sailing into the Marañon and Ucayali rivers, the two sources from which the Amazon begins. Days will pass quickly as they’re filled with activities. Waking-up early, you have the option to start your day with an excursion; then after breakfast you can get off the boat again and continue discovering the area, its people, animals, and habitat. We experienced amazing Amazonian rain while bathing in the river, just after we had canoed across a lake. There’s no shortage of surreal moments to be had here.

Last but not least, if you’re expecting basic cuisine in such a remote location, think again. On the Aria there’s a different menu for each lunch and dinner, including plenty of Peruvian ingredients, plus an amazing buffet breakfast full of exquisite detail and respect for the local flavours. What was all that fuss about Machu Picchu again?

Carola is the latest addition to our Latin America planning team, based in Chile so she can easily make her way back to Peru and perhaps become a stowaway on the Aria.

Once you step on board everyone knows your name, and every detail seems made for you.

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