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Urban Walkabout: Melbourne

Melbourne is more deserving than ever of its ‘Most Liveable City in the World’ label. Incredible food, vibrant culture and a fantastic mix of old and new make the city, specifically its CBD (Central Business District) very walkable, with surprises around every corner.

A highlight for me were the arcades and laneways, hiding the real treasures of the city: picture perfect cafes, independent shops and galleries and some of the best food you can imagine.  A few really special lanes also house some of the best street art I’ve ever seen, constantly changing and evolving as more and more people add their personal touch.

You can easily spend 3-4 days (even more if you are keen) meandering through the city and just soaking up the sights. With a bit of guiding (we can help arrange it, of course), you can get deeper into the city, learning about its history, architecture and influence on the world stage.

Some personal favourite discoveries were a postage stamp-sized bar, with room for about 10 standing patrons, a cafe set up in an old telephone switchboard room, a shop selling honey produced on rooftops around the city, a Swiss Club (we’re everywhere you know, watch out) and the tiniest art gallery in the world. Oh, and there is also a restaurant in an antique tram car, which tickles me pink.

So, if you’ve never been, start making plans. Visit a church, walk through one of the many parks, explore a back alley (you will likely find a great tapas bar) and maybe even take a trip out to the Great Ocean Road (just over an hour’s drive away). Whatever you do and wherever you walk, you’re bound to love it.

When he returned from his recent Oz research trip, Mike insisted that we start calling him ‘Crocodile Poppee’ (remember that old cinematic gem?). It never really stuck. But Mike sure is stuck on Australia, so if you’ve always wondered what it’s like he’s your man.

Melbourne is more deserving than ever of its 'Most Liveable City in the World' label.

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